you won’t get it in your Android phone because you aren’t paying attention



t has turned into a yearly component of the Android story. The new form of the versatile working framework arrives yet never achieves a large number of individuals who utilize cell phones. Truth be told, under five or 10 for each penny of Android clients get the most recent Android form on their current telephones. A considerable measure of buzz about the new Android, the cool highlights it brings, and every one of the treats that Google packs into it are made. Be that as it may, these highlights, this new form, these treats they don’t achieve Android clients. The story will be rehashed with Android 9 Pie.

Presently, quite a while prior I would have said that it was the blame of the telephone producers and Google if the Android telephones didn’t get the most recent variant of the versatile working framework. Presently, I wouldn’t blame them. Presently, it is a blame of the general population who utilize these telephones.

There is a truism, “trick me once, disgrace on you; trick me twice, disgrace on me.” It applies relevantly on Android telephone clients who cry dry about not getting the most recent form of Android. It’s straightforward: you pick the wrong telephone. In the last three to four odd years it has turned out to be evident that not all Android telephones are made equivalent with regards to Android refreshes, Google’s Nexus telephones prior – and Pixel telephones now – are the telephones that get the most recent adaptation of Android for no less than two years. At that point, there are the top of the line telephones from Samsung. Or on the other hand the most recent OnePlus telephones, which excessively get the Android OS in a fairly convenient way. Recently, Nokia telephones sold by HMD Global too are getting opportune Android refreshes.

This is all genuinely surely understood. So in the event that you need Android refreshes, you need to get the telephones from organizations that give the Android refreshes. Tragically, while purchasing a telephone most shoppers don’t take a gander at the product refresh factor. They just pass by highlight this and highlight that. They pass by the outline. They pass by the camera. They pass by the processor and the amount RAM a telephone has. The greater part of that is vital, no uncertainty. In any case, they disregard the more vital part, which is visit and opportune programming refreshes.

Prior, in the market, there was an issue that telephones that would get the consistent Android refreshes are likewise the more costly telephones. However, that has changed over the most recent few years. A large number of the Android One telephones – some from HMD Global and Mi A1 from Xiaomi – are moderately more reasonable. At that point there are the telephones like the Pixel 2 and the OnePlus 6, which are in the value scope of Rs 30,000 to Rs 40,000 and get programming refreshes in an incite way.

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In any case, buyers are most likely not giving careful consideration. In the event that you are taking a gander at the Android 9 Pie vigorously and pondering when it is going to your telephone and aren’t finding any solutions, the issue isn’t your telephone or the organization that sold you that telephone yet the way that you aren’t focusing. On the off chance that you need your telephone organization to give you the most recent Android refreshes, you ought to have decided on a telephone organization that guarantees Android updates and conveys on those guarantees.


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