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By | June 10, 2018

o to headphones what you have done to cell phones.” This appears have been the mandate given to the OnePlus designers who set-out to make the organization’s first remote earphones. Propelled alongside the OnePlus 6 in London on May 16 – yet accessible in India from June 19 – the Bullets Wireless is a great OnePlus item: High-end equipment and highlights, a sufficiently appealing plan and a stellar cost.

Refresh: The OnePlus Bullets Wireless will go at a bargain in India from June 19. Prior the organization had said the date was June 15 however something changed and the date has been moved at this point.

OnePlus will offer the Bullets Wireless at a cost of Rs 3,990. That is 33% of what organizations like Bose, Beats, Sony and Sennheiser request their superior remote headphones. In any case, similar to how it is with OnePlus telephones or so far as that is concerned the Bullets Wired headphones that propelled in India in 2016 at a cost of Rs 1,199, the sticker price appended to the Bullets Wireless can be beguiling. For every single commonsense reason these are top of the line headphones. They accompany highlights like USB-C charging, bolster for Qualcomm APTX sound, metal packaging for earbuds and a plan component that OnePlus calls Energy Tube and which, as per the organization, offers better solid quality.

As it were, the Bullets Wireless are as stacked as a top notch combine of headphones, for example, BeatX or Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear, in any event regarding highlight set.

In my short utilize what I have found is that even at a higher value the Bullets Wireless could have been great. These headphones are fabricated well and are durable. On the off chance that that doesn’t awe you, at that point their sound quality will most likely catch your eye. The best thing about Bullets remote earphones is that they offer perfectly clear solid – something, which is unbelievable in this spending portion. For instance, melodies like Kabira by Tochi Raina and Rekha Bharadwaj and Rolling In The Deep by Adele truly wake up on these headphones.

Things being what they are, what’s the catch? There are a couple of territories where OnePlus Bullets Wireless could have been something more. Yet, the comprehensive view is that they are justified regardless of their cost and after that some more, regardless of whether they don’t wind up offering the sort of sound quality that a couple of more costly headphones like Bose SoundTrue Ultra or Sennheiser Momentum Free In-Ear can give.

With enormous picture out, how about we take a gander at the fallen angel and the subtle elements.


Magnificence is in the eye of spectator. Or on the other hand as such how you discover the outline of a contraption is constantly subjective. I discover the outline of the Bullets Wireless tasteless. Truly, OnePlus has endeavored to jazz it up a bit by utilizing metal shell for earbuds and there are red accents all over, however the general impact still doesn’t coordinate to what you may get with more costly headphones. Discussing the more costly headphones, some of them can likewise be exhausting. For instance, on the off chance that you solicit me to look at the outline from the Bullets Wireless with BeatX, I will state it’s same. The BeatsX too are insipid.

Be that as it may, if configuration is subjective, different regions aren’t. There is a great deal of consideration OnePlus has paid to the Bullets Wireless and that shows from the minute you get the container in which they come. To begin with, the Bullets Wireless arrive in a somewhat huge box. It would appear that there is a telephone in it. Inside the case, you will discover the headphones – cozily, too cozily really, set in a bit of cardboard – and additionally a red charging link, an intricate manual, and an extremely pleasant red delicate silicon pocket in which you can convey the headphones.

With regards to the manufacture quality, Bullets Wireless earphones, as specified prior, have a tough fabricated, which implies you don’t need to stress over the delicate wires associating the jewelry with the earpieces, or wires separating at any point in the near future.

The earbuds are encased in metal however inside, simply the manner in which it is in many headphones, it’s all plastic and silicon. It’s a decent plan and constrained utilization of metal implies that in spite of their size – they appear to be greater than normal – the Bullets Wireless are lightweight. They are likewise water-safe. Essentially, you can sweat all you need (amid those thorough exercise sessions) or go out for a walk around a delicate sprinkle, and your Bullets earphones will be there in a jiffy other than you playing your most loved tunes. While they do accompany water safe innovation, it’s suggested you take them off when you take a dip. “Take them for a run yes, however not for a dip,” alerts OnePlus.

Shots Wireless earphones likewise highlight silicone winglets close to the ear pieces, which should add solidness to the general plan. By and by, I’m not an enthusiast of these folds as they tend to expand the visual mess for me. Call me a moderate! Be that as it may, I would make a special case for Bullets remote earphones. Regardless of influencing the general outline to look less engaging, they help in fixing the earplugs inside the ears. I attempted different traps in the book like hopping and running just to test their fit and consistent with the words, they didn’t turn out.

The best thing about Bullets remote earphones is that they offer completely clear stable

Another great piece is arrangement of in-line controls, which are along the wires on the left half of the earphones. Typically, headphones have them on the right. While some may locate this irritating, I discovered this situation of catches in the Bullets to a great degree able and helpful as it makes these controls open. This implies you don’t need to look down and turn the accessory each time you have to increment or lessening the volume-which by all methods is an inviting change over the at present famous plan.

Likewise, the controls are really easy to utilize. Slugs earphones highlight three catches, while two catches are for controlling the volume, the catch set amidst the telephone can be utilized for various purposes incorporating interfacing the earphones with Bluetooth gadgets, playing and delaying the music, and noting and detaching the calls. Long holding the center catch additionally initiates Google Assistant. In my utilization, I found that the catches do what they are planned to do, with no complain.


First of all: Sound quality. I tried Bullets remote earphones for a short timeframe and one thing is clear: they offer completely clear solid – a quality that is both, difficult to miss and hard to overlook. Be it dim blues like Adele’s Rolling In The Deep or pop shake tunes like One Republic’s Counting Stars, they all solid pleasant without a doubt on Bullets Wireless.

With Bullets earphones you will have the capacity to hear each string, each beat, each note obviously. While this is certainly an or more as it empowers you to tune in as well as experience a melody completely, it is likewise a point that I accept is exaggerated. It seems as though the Bullets Wireless headphones emphasize the highs more than they should. And keeping in mind that the highs go extremely high, the lows endure fairly. This implies in a few tunes you may not discover as much bass as your heart may want. You won’t get the pound in the Gangnam Style.

I took a stab at tuning in to David Guetta and Sia’s blockbuster pop number Titanium and Bryan Adams’ exemplary Summer of 69 and quite, the sound in spite of being refreshingly immersive, gave me ear exhaustion due to highlighted pitch. I encountered something comparable when I had a go at tuning in to Faded by Alan Walker (EDM) and Sugar from Maroon 5. As I said lucidity turns out to be excessively, particularly at higher volume.

In any case, there is another viewpoint to it. You see the draining highs with the Bullets Wireless in quiet environment, for instance in a deliberate office or in your illustration room at midnight. On the off chance that you are out on a road, or are in a loud room, your ears wouldn’t fret the highs to such an extent. As it were, the outside commotion tends to offset the screechy sound.

Projectiles perform fairly with regards to mids and they are great with acoustic tunes like K-pop vocalist Kim Hyung Jung’s Because I’m Stupid and Arijit Singht’s Bolna. What’s more, that likewise implies the Bollywood music too is arranged on these headphones, in spite of the fact that absence of bass would be noted by the individuals who like bass-substantial sound.

All things considered, this is about the sound quality. Presently how about we center around other similarly imperative subtle elements. First off, the earplugs of these earphones accompany attractive heads thus their heads stick together when the earphones are not being used. This implies you can put them around your neck and disregard losing them ever. Also, since these earphones are to a great degree light, you won’t presumably even notice them around your neck regardless of whether you run around with them for multi day.

At the point when associated together utilizing the magnets inside them, these earphones detach from the Bluetooth of the matched telephone and rest consequently, delaying the music

Another advantage of having attractive heads is that they help in moderating the valuable battery life. At the point when associated together, these earphones disengage from the Bluetooth of the source gadget and rest consequently, delaying the music playing out of sight. Furthermore, as you isolate the heads, these earphones wake up and interface with your Bluetooth gadget consequently. In principle, isolating the attractive heads additionally plays the delayed music. Notwithstanding, when we tried this component with Samsung Galaxy S7, OnePlus 5T and OnePlus 6 cell phones, the music didn’t begin playing naturally.

To the extent battery life is concerned, I tried Bullets earphones for a restricted measure of time and amid that time, these earphones offered a not too bad battery life. OnePlus cases that these earphones can work for up to eight hours on a solitary charge. What’s more, amid my restricted involvement, the battery went around only 40 for each penny after around three long periods of utilization.


Truly. Furthermore, particularly in the event that you are searching for a couple of moderate earphones that will take into account your requirements amid the serious exercise sessions. Slugs remote earphones are light-weight and tough, they offer not too bad solid quality and they go simple on yo

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