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By | June 10, 2018

ou must begin some place. That is the thing that Comio is considering. In spite of the fact that, it is recognizable to individuals in China, for Indians this is another brand. However, it is likewise a brand that has some stupendous aspirations. In its vision proclamation, Comio says that it needs to be among the main three cell phone organizations in India by 2022. Furthermore, it is beginning the trip towards a sound piece of the overall industry in India with the Comio X1 Note, a telephone that is as eager as the brand.

Dissimilar to a couple of different organizations from China that we have seen entering India over the most recent a half year or thereabouts, Comio resembles the one that is genuinely certain about what it is putting forth. That most likely is the motivation behind why it isn’t shying far from the opposition with the Comio X1 Note. This telephone, evaluated at Rs 9,999 and goes up against the stalwarts like the Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 and the Nokia 3.

What’s more, it really does well. Kind of. That is the thing that I can state in the wake of utilizing the telephone for more than two weeks. This is a telephone with a standout amongst other cameras that you can purchase under Rs 10,000. It’s simply that I would have prescribed it to all and not only the individuals who are searching for the camera execution, if just it would have been somewhat speedier and better planned.


The X1 Note isn’t pitiful yet is anything but a looker either. Yet, at that point looks are not really a worry for most brands in value fragment, notwithstanding Motorola, Nokia and furthermore Coolpad. So I will give Comio a go here. The entire telephone has a false metal complete yet it is all plastic. The casing is made of plastic with matte complete in a gold(ish) shading. The back board is made of sparkly plastic, which again gives out a feeling that it is made of cleaned metal with reflect complete or glass. Obviously, it is plastic. The telephone is accessible in two hues: gold and blue. In the event that you like bling, you will like the gold one. In the event that you need your telephone to have inconspicuous looks, you will improve the situation with the blue variation.

The general impact of the fake metal complete and lustrous outline is that the X1 Note is either going to interest you with its plan or going to put you off. All relies upon how much bling you like, and whether you incline toward sparkly contraptions or not. While I was utilizing the X1 Note, I didn’t care for its glossy wrap up. Not just it was hard to keep the telephone smirch free, it likewise looked shabby to me.

Comio has attempted to add some style to the X1 Note by utilizing a huge glass cover over the back camera focal points – there are two – fairly like what you find in the Moto G6 or you more likely than not found in the old Nokia Lumia telephones. Underneath the round camera module, there’s a roundabout unique mark sensor, which works rapidly at opening the telephone. Like most telephones today, there’s likewise a face open element on the Comio X1 Note, yet it neglected to perceive my face more often than not.

The Comio X1 Note accompanies on-screen route keys. The telephone additionally incorporates alternate route keys of camera, mini-computer, and spotlight that let clients access to these highlights without opening the gadget.

In spite of the fact that I didn’t especially like the plan of the Comio X1 Note, I enjoyed the way that it is light. What’s more, thus simple to utilize and convey.


The show of the X1 Note is one of its best perspectives. A telephone under Rs 10,000 regularly accompanies dull show, however not the X1 Note. It indicates lively and punchy hues. The way that the X1 Note show is extensive – 6 creeps to be exact – and has FullHD+ determination of 2160×1080 pixels is extraordinary. Truth be told, the X1 Note is one of the uncommon telephones under Rs 10,000 that accompany such high-determination show. The screen is finished with a 2.5D glass, which looks great and enables the show against minor scratches when you to place it in pocket or satchel with keys and coins.

The shine level of the Comio X1 Note is similarly great, in both indoor and open air circumstances. Keeping the splendor level to 30 for every penny under the blasting sun is sufficiently adequate to watch YouTube recordings, web arrangement on Netflix or check Instagram stories or Facebook newsfeed.

The telephone is accessible in two hues: gold and blue. In the event that you like bling, you will like the gold one

The great hues and sufficient splendor mean watching motion pictures works extremely well on the telephone. In spite of the fact that, I do feel that survey points could have been something more, considering the cost of the X1 Note, that is expecting excessively. The bottomline is that in this class of cell phones, the X1 Note is among the best if not inside and out best with regards to show quality.


Much the same as the show, camera too is a zone where the X1 Note scores well. It’s not the best, particularly in nowadays when we expect a great deal more from our telephone cameras – unreasonable, I know – however it takes care of business.


The back camera utilizes two sensors, the double camera drift is something that the X1 Note takes after. The essential sensor utilizes a 13-megapixel camera while the auxiliary focal point is combined with a 5-megapixel sensor. The optional sensor permits the X1 Note to offer buyers picture mode. On the front, the telephone gloats off a 8-megapixel sensor combined with streak.

In great light, I figured out how to click photographs with the X1 Note that had punchy hues and enough points of interest. Despite the fact that, the pictures do not have a few points of interest, particularly when you see them at their full size, yet by and large outcomes are still beautiful. This is to a great extent a result of hues and presentation that is for the most part spot on, aside from in cruel daylight where the telephone over-uncovered the pictures. The representation mode functions admirably enough despite the fact that in many occasions when you are utilizing this mode you may need to click a few photographs to get the edges right. The edges are somewhat hit and miss. In some photographs they are all around characterized, in some they will be obscured.

The front camera too clicks very much nitty gritty selfies that have great hues. In low light, both the back and front cameras battle. Once more, the hues turn out decent yet it is the measure of detail, the sharpness that is inadequate in photographs clicked with the X1 Note.

However, how about we not be pointlessly cruel on the telephone. This is a Rs 9,999 telephone and given that unique circumstance, I trust its camera performs honorably well. At any rate that much I can say in regards to the photographs clicked with it. Be that as it may, this is an estimation I can reach out to the camera application in the X1 Note. It is moderate application, particularly while clicking photographs. Specifically, clicking representation photographs takes seconds as in like 10 seconds or more.


First the uplifting news. The Comio X1 Note accompanies Android Oreo, and the product pretty much holds look and feel of the stock Android. Great job, Comio!

The bottomline is that in its value portion, the X1 Note is among the best if not through and through best with regards to show quality

Presently, the awful news. Execution is the weakest zone of the Comio X1 Note. The telephone slacks constantly. Regardless of whether you switch between applications, peruse Facebook, visit on WhatsApp or play recreations, the Comio X1 Note hints at pressure. In the event that there are excessively numerous applications opened out of sight, it is for certain that the Comio X1 Note will feel drowsy. Regularly I needed to clear foundation applications to make the telephone somewhat quicker. It additionally takes those additional couple of moments open applications.

The 4G-VoLTE double SIM cell phone is controlled by a 1.45GHz quad-center MediaTek MT6737 processor and comes matched with 3GB RAM and 32GB of interior stockpiling. There is a microSD card space, on the off chance that you are as yet utilizing something like a microSD card in 2018.

Given the execution of the telephone, in case you’re a gaming aficionado, the Comio X1 Note is unquestionably not for you. It not just battles with requesting diversions like Asphalt 8: Airborne or Super Mario Run, yet in addition with fundamental amusements like Subway Surfers and Temple Run 2. In Geekbench, the Comio X1 Note scores 649 focuses in single-center test and 1823 in multi-center test.


Generally speaking, the telephone is equipped for surviving one entire day of direct utilize. The Comio X1 Note is sponsored by a 2900mAh battery. In the event that you utilize the telephone a great deal, which means on the off chance that you play numerous amusements, are to a great degree dynamic via web-based networking media or watch motion pictures in a steady progression, the X1 Note won’t last you over 5 hours. In any case, at that point that is likewise the outrageous utilize cases. For a great many people – and for me it did – the telephone will last around 10 hours.

Would it be a good idea for you to BUY THE COMIO X1 NOTE?

On the off chance that you are not going play a considerable measure of amusements, and don’t worry about some slack all over – extreme call Comio, nobody really prefers a moderate telephone – the X1 Note isn’t too awful. It has a competent camera and a decent show. The plan is something that some will love, some won’t yet there is nothing in the outline that should prevent you from getting this telephone, in the event that you do need it.

The issue for the Comio X1 Note is that there are a couple of other all the more engaging telephones in the market, from brands like Xiaomi that likewise happens to be the market pioneer. On the off chance that Comio needs to contend with the Redmi Note 5, it ought to have evaluated the X1 Note less expensive, ideally around Rs 7500. At its present cost, here at India Today Tech, we will prescribe it just to the individuals who completely need a superior camera and show under Rs 10,000 and couldn’t care less about the execution or battery life of the telephone.

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