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There is no denying the way that Fiio has been always increasing the diversion with regards to plan and construct quality. The organization has made some amazing progress from the all plastic long stretches of the Fiio E6 enhancer. The all aluminum body of the Fiio F9 looks premium as well as feels fantastically strong too.

Fiio claims that that they have connected streamlined and bionic standards while outlining the headphones. The subsequent ‘wave’ molded outline enables the headphones to emerge from the group. The F9 looks smooth and tasteful – not a single Skullcandy like showy completed in sight here.

The Fiio F9 accompanies two links out of the container – a consistent link with a 3.55mm gold plated earphone jack and an inline remote and mic and an adjusted link with a predominant SPC wire and a 2.5mm gold plated plug. As the name guarantees, the adjusted link conveys a more adjusted and point by point sound. I will discuss the adjusted link in detail later on in the audit.

Where the F9 vacillate is when goes to the MMCX connectors used to join the separable links to the headphones. The connectors are hardened and the links are difficult to segregate. This makes exchanging between the two links an unnecessarily troublesome process. I had incredible trouble swapping one link for the other over the span of the survey.

Regardless of not accompanying froth tips, the F9’s silicone tips complete a fine occupation disconnecting the sounds around you. Indeed, even with the volume set around 50-60%, I was attempting to hear what individuals were talking around me. Obviously, these won’t segregate high decibel sounds at low to mid volumes as they are not worked for that. In general the sound segregation is quite noteworthy.

Anyway the exclusion of froth tips in the container stings particularly considering the way that the F9 are showcased as premium headphones. A couple of agree tips would have adjusted off the bundle as well as upgraded seclusion and solace.

As the Fiio F9 are gone for sound aficionados, how about we bring a profound plunge into how these Rs 7,999 sets of headphones sound. With 2 adjusted armature drivers and a 9.2mm powerful driver, the Fiio F9 figures out how to sound superior to anything its cost proposes.

The dynamic driver deals with the bass and lower mids while the adjusted armature drivers are entrusted with taking care of the upper mids and highs. This best of the two universes arrangement causes you get the profound bass and warmth that just a dynamic driver can furnish alongside the clearness and freshness of adjusted armatures.

The sound mark is somewhat V molded with marginally recessed mids, complemented treble and a controlled bass reaction. Some adjusted armature earphones experience the ill effects of tinny and empty bass. The F9 doesn’t endure a similar destiny because of the dynamic driver which gives regular and impactful bass.

Saying that, the lower end nearness isn’t something that bass heads will appreciate. It doesn’t have a cerebrum dissolving low end reaction. The mids sound vaporous and clear yet there is a little plunge in the lower mids because of which bring down pitched vocals (imposing male voice for instance) can sound somewhat far off on occasion. Be that as it may, generally the vocal introduction is very spotless for headphones in this value run.

The treble sounds definite and fresh. Notwithstanding, I felt now and again that the headphones were overcompensating in the top of the line range in an offer to sound more definite, prompting a somewhat thin stable.

Because of the sound being fresh and point by point, the soundstage and instrument detachment is entirely noteworthy with all instruments sounding unmistakable and all around separated out. There are two sorts of tips given in the crate, red hued ones with a more extensive bore and dark shaded ones with a more slender bore. The dark tips furnish a hotter sound favoring bass with the red tips sound crisper and support higher frequencies.

The headphones are shockingly truly simple to drive, with my cell phone (Moto Z2 Play) having the capacity to give abundant measures of volume. Clearly with a devoted DAP like the Fiio X3 or X5, you will get a cleaner and hotter sound mark, however your cell phone won’t battle with these.

On the off chance that you change to the 2.5mm adjusted link, the headphones do sound more impartial with a more controlled, less forward treble reaction, clearer mids and a more extensive, more point by point soundstage. To put it plainly, they do sound more adjusted.

The issue is that relatively few contributions out there, put something aside for a couple of committed sound players like the Fiio X3 and Fiio X7, bolster the adjusted link as of now. On the off chance that you do possess a more current age Fiio DAP with an adjusted 2.5mm port, I would propose utilizing the adjusted link over the stock 3.5mm one.

The advantages of the adjusted link will be totally lost on you in the event that you are anticipating utilizing your cell phone to tune in to music with your cell phone. All things considered, it is smarter to spare some cash and purchase the Fiio F9 SE which comes just with the customary link and costs Rs 700 less.Talking about solace, I observed the F9 to be somewhat of a blended pack. Solace is an exceptionally close to home inclination, so take the accompanying words with a touch of salt. I am not a major aficionado of the over-ear plan in headphones and in the F9 too, I ended up attempting to adjust to the snare style design that folds around your ears.

In multi day and age where the 3.5mm jack is going the method for the Dodo and accommodation is winding up more critical than sound quality in sound items, it is both invigorating and awesome to see lively organizations like Fiio as yet producing committed sound players, convenient intensifiers and items like the Fiio F9.

There are a couple of chinks in the protective layer however. The treble can get somewhat peaky on occasion and bass heads will be left somewhat frustrated. They are likewise not the most agreeable around and the links are very precarious to disconnect.

At Rs 7,999, the Fiio F9 makes for an awesome purchase for even the most recognizing audiophile on a financial plan. They are without a doubt among the best sounding headphones you can get for under Rs 10,000 – the sound is perfect, itemized and exact – with a breezy soundstage and a moderately adjusted recurrence reaction. They are additionally manufactured exceptionally well and look very premium.


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