Asus VivoBook S14 The MacBook Air killer. Sort of

By | June 10, 2018

he MacBook Air is the highest quality level to beat among standard PCs. This isn’t to imply that that it’s ideal. Its greatest blemish is its dated equipment set. Likewise, its show, leaves a considerable measure to be wanted. Be that as it may, here’s the thing. The MacBook Air may not be immaculate, but rather a MacBook Air with every one of its defects, still holds significant edge over adversary Windows machines in and around its value point. This is on account of it gets relatively every other thing – including all-round execution – right. The MacBook Air looks extremely great, and has shake strong form quality. It’s a magnificent entertainer – to the extent standard PCs are concerned – and it has awesome battery life. No different Windows machine has possessed the capacity to approach. Up to this point.

Enter the Asus VivoBook S14. The VivoBook S14 is a feasible contrasting option to the maturing MacBook Air. There I said it. You don’t need to peruse ahead for the conclusion, however I propose you do, since there are additionally territories where the VivoBook S14 wavers. Territories that you would need to think about, since some of them, can be major issues. Give me a chance to make one thing straight however. In the event that there’s a Windows PC that you can put your cash on the present moment, that can challenge the sheer strength of the MacBook Air, and give Apple’s attempted and tried machine a keep running for its cash, the VivoBook S14 is that PC. Period.

It looks incredibly great. In any case, in particular, it has a dazzling presentation, and most recent (and furthermore most noteworthy) equipment, both of which are absent on the MacBook Air. The VivoBook S14 is accessible in a scope of choices to look over also, crosswise over various value focuses, which implies there’s something for everyone. Not at all like the MacBook Air that doesn’t give you numerous choices. Be that as it may, as said prior, there are a few regions where the VivoBook S14 needs work. It’s a practical other option to the MacBook Air, without a doubt, however now and again, it leaves opportunity to get better. Which implies, despite the fact that, it is a prescribed get, it is anything but an out and out MacBook Air executioner. Be that as it may, it’s a begin.


The VivoBook S14 closely resembles a ultrabook. In any case, it isn’t. Which in itself is a significant major ordeal. It gets intensely from the organization’s untouchable ZenBook arrangement, yet while workstations in that arrangement begin at around Rs 1 lakh, the VivoBook S14 costs half to such an extent. What’s more, feels as great, if worse. Simply the manner in which the ZenBooks take motivation from the MacBook, in the top notch value section, the VivoBook S14, looks a great deal like the MacBook Air. It’s not amazing then that Asus is pitching it straight up against Apple’s prominent standard PC.

The VivoBook S14 is definitely not an obtrusive sham however since the organization has mixed a number components into it, that are all trademark Asus, giving the workstation its very own unmistakable kind. This incorporates Asus’ mark spun-metal complete on the workstation’s cover yet while the ZenBooks brag of concentric round examples, the VivoBook S14 accompanies what the organization’s calling a hairline wrap up. The top is all metal and furthermore it is scratch safe, as per Asus.

The VivoBook S14 has a dazzling presentation, and most recent (and furthermore most noteworthy) equipment, both of which are absent on the MacBook Air

Asus is putting forth the VivoBook S14 in two hues: gold and dark. Asus sent me the gold variation, and allows simply say it looks stunning. The way that Asus has proceeded with the workstation’s general shading plan all through its body, including over the keypad, makes the VivoBook S14 seem as though one strong bit of undeniable Aluminum. It isn’t however, since the base half is all plastic with sandblasted metal wrap up.

Talking about the keypad, which houses very much put chiclet keys, I like that Asus is putting forth different levels of backdrop illumination so you would custom be able to tune things relying upon your prompt condition. Likewise the keys present to 1.4mm of movement which is more than what the MacBook Air offers at around comparative costs. This implies writing on the VivoBook S14 is a pleasurable affair more often than not. Besides, it has a somewhat greater track cushion, and a unique mark scanner tossed in toward one side.

The VivoBook S14 might be thin and light (14.8mm and 1.2kg) and furthermore premium to the T, yet, it’s not great. It isn’t as strong as the MacBook Air or so far as that is concerned some other workstation in and around its value point. It’s inclined to some squeaking occasionally, particularly when managing the keypad. I know, the vast majority of you purchasers won’t circumvent pressure testing a workstation, however a PC is fundamentally a compact gadget. You will, sooner or later of time, put it inside a pack. On the off chance that a little forceful writing can trade off its respectability, a little tryst with this present reality while you’re driving with the workstation settled inside your sack, in addition to other things, may incur significant injury on it. In the event that that wasn’t sufficient the top tends to wobble, a great deal now and again, and things get especially awful when you have it situated in your lap and are hoping to achieve a snappy assignment.

In spite of the fact that the VivoBook offers more key travel, composing on it by one means or another doesn’t feel as liquid as it is on Apple’s workstation. It doesn’t feel as certain, and that is a bummer. Apple’s keys feel strong and sturdier. Also, the small dispersing that there is in the middle of its keys may infuriate a few purchasers. While we are on writing, a word about the touch-cushion: I feel that it is amazing, generally particularly in the manner in which it handles signals. In any case, the right-snap and left-click instrument is unfortunately everywhere. There were (many) occasions when it neglected to enlist a summon, and I was constrained into clicking harder, and that truly feels awful when you have the workstation as thin as the VivoBook 3 in your lap. It feels like you’re truly squeezing the entire thing. Additionally, Asus could have put the unique mark scanner – which is great by the way – anyplace however on the touch-cushion.


The fundamental USP of the VivoBook S14 is its show. There are two or three positives to it. It’s almost edge to edge, in any case, which is a much needed development for PCs in this value run. The 8.5mm bezels involve in a 78.5 for each penny screen-to-body, which is the reason Asus can fit a 14-inch board inside a 13-inch frame. That is all the more land in a reduced shape factor, dissimilar to match workstations in and around its value class. The determination is full-HD and the board that Asus is utilizing is best in-class. It’s IPS with against glare complete and in spite of the fact that it does not have any kind of security, at the cost, what’s more essential is that the quality is very great.

Hues look rich and lively. Brilliance levels are great, as are the survey points. Which implies you’ll have definitely no issue with it, notwithstanding when you’re utilizing it in warm bright condition.


The VivoBook S14, it’s sheltered to state, makes no glaring bargains the extent that show is concerned. The same is valid about its center equipment. The VivoBook S14, despite the fact that it’s intended to be a minimal effort ultrabook, is stick stuffed with great equipment. Additionally, Asus is putting forth the VivoBook S14 in an assortment of alternatives, particularly for on the web and disconnected channels. The one that we have for survey is a disconnected just workstation, that is accessible in two setups. The base variant shakes a seventh-age Core i3-7100U CPU and costs Rs 54,990 while the best end form that boats with an eighth-age Core i5-8250U CPU has been estimated at Rs 64,990. Both the forms accompany 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD stockpiling.

The online-just forms (that are elite to Flipkart) have a SSD and also a 1TB mechanical hard drive. Center equipment remains the same.

Obviously, Asus is up there in the spec fight. Actually it’s in front of many. Despite the fact that there will be contrast between the seventh-age and eighth-age models, the value focuses at which both the adaptations are floating about, implies there’s a bit of something for everyone. What’s more, it’s way above what the MacBook Air offers at its value point. The MacBook Air is in reality considerably more costly in correlation. The main workstation that approaches the VivoBook S14 as far as equipment specs is the Acer Swift 5, yet even that begins at Rs 79,999.

The outcome, of good equipment, is that the VivoBook S14 feels speedier than the MacBook Air, and as zippy as a portion of the other top of the line ultraportables in the market, similar to the Dell XPS 13.

In case you’re hoping to purchase a thin and light-weight Windows workhorse at around Rs 60,000, and you’re not put into the possibility of a MacBook Air, the Asus VivoBook S14 is the workstation to get

Since, the equipment inside the VivoBook S14 is choice; it will undoubtedly get a little toasty when pushed to the edge or while charging. In any case, it rushes to chill off, which is an or more Also; it can get a little boisterous when playing GPU-serious amusements or amid complex multi-entrusting exercises. Be that as it may, it’s on expected lines. What’s momentous is that the VivoBook S14, on the grounds that it has the best in equipment, can deal with actually every undertaking that you toss at it, and it does a large portion of it gracefully or losing its cool.

Also, it accompanies a decent selection of ports. You get one USB 2.0 and one USB 3.0 and a solitary Type-C port, which is of the USB 3.1 (Gen 1) standard. There’s a Micro-HDMI video yield and additionally a small scale SD card opening, alongside an amplifier and earphones combo port. Select variants of the VivoBook S14 deliver with a SD card opening and a HDMI port also.

Yet, one thing truly keeps the VivoBook S14 down. Its battery life. It’s bad. Truth be told, it’s not even in a similar ball-stop, as the MacBook Air. So despite the fact that the VivoBook S14 is a powerhouse of a workstation, there will be events when you won’t have the capacity to use its actual potential. Our extraordinary video circle test got us just 3 hours out of the PC. Yet, one thing that works to support its is bolster for quick charging. The VivoBook S14 can clearly charge to 60 for every penny in 49 minutes and this present reality numbers are additionally more or near it

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